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Cats R Us Cats R Us

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Very strange - very good.

Glad to see another movie by you rubbertje!
Well.. were shall i begin?
The graphics very well done in a stylised and original way. The style itself had a sertain surreal touch to it that i liked very much. Good, original(?) music and crisp voice-acting. Overal this was a funny flash that in my opinion diserves a good score and a front page feature.


Rubbertje responds:

Oohhh yeah! Thanks! And frontpage it got! Oh yess!! :D

BlondStar BlondStar

Rated 0 / 5 stars


Oh well... Normaly i kinda like your stuff... the YAAFM stuff and so on.... but just using a audio clip and put text to it? come on, that's just stupid...
But mainly...
FUCK YOU WADE for putting this on the front page.

DCK: Cycon Dooby Don't DCK: Cycon Dooby Don't

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Why the hell isn't this on the frontpage?

Great job from Cycon and project DCK as always, a shame it got second to some fucking Halo parody.
keep it up man.

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"Tutorial": 15 seconds "Tutorial": 15 seconds

Rated 5 / 5 stars

It's fun because it's true...

That was a really fun parody! I can't complain about anything really... sure the graphics was crappy, but it was ment to be.
And i like how you disected the way most people think here on NG.
-Wow, i have flash! Let's make a movie in a minute or two! Anyway, it was a good tutorial..... of how NOT to do!
Overall: Fun stuff!

olaftheblue responds:

Heh. I agree. When making it, I kept thinking "Adventures of Garland really is a crappy movie, and I would never submit it if not for the fact that I made it as a part of this tutorial" - but I also keep thinking "still it is a whole lot better than many of the films that actually ARE submitted". And have you ever seen the line "This is my first movie, so don't blam it"? If a movie is so bad that you have to ASK people not to blam it, it has nothing to do on NG in my opinion.

I haven't been too long on Newgrounds, but I really hope you're wrong when you're saying that this is about how _most_ people here think.

Yeah, the graphics are terrible. It's what happens when a bad artist tries to draw even badder on purpose. :-)